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Avi-Yonah Short Summary of Tax Bill and Donaldson Long Summary

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I really like  Professor Reuven Avi-Yonah’s   HOW TERRIBLE IS THE NEW TAX LAW? REFLECTIONS ON TRA17. It is short and clear and fair. His  four points are that (a) The $150 billion deficit increase isn’t as awful as one might think, (b) The bill  did cut taxes on the rich more than on the poor, but mainly via the 20% pass-through deduction,  (c) The bill has a lot of “good government” features, such as the increased standard deduction, and (d) the big problem is the 20%pass-through deduction, which will create a bunch of problems.

Donaldson’s Understanding the New Tax Law is also good, a longer summary, rather than a commentary.  As I recall, it notes:

1. No NOL carrybacks for corporations any more.

2. 60% max cash charitable deductions instead of 50%.

3. Professors lose the incredible sabbatical unreimbursed employee expense deduction for their rent, utilities, and meals while on sabbatical that I have enjoyed a number of times.

4. NOL carryforwards continue forever rather than just 20 years, saving  recordkeeping without really changing anything else.



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