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Losing Loved Ones

I thought about posting this yesterday, and decided against it as too personal. At church today, I changed my mind, deciding my motive was pride and that this might be helpful to some readers. It is about the accident described here.


July 13, 2010 5:39pm
We went up to the farm today— the Suppes farm where my parents lived their last 25 years and that Elizabeth loved to visit. We were sorting through old papers, and I learned more about my parents, seeing photos and letters from the freshness of their youth. God blessed me with good parents and blesses me now in my family. More and more I miss the talks I ought to have had with them. Lizzie I knew better, and needed no conversation to discover, but all the time we do things that she would have enjoyed doing with us and that her presence would have brightened for everyone— the brighter the occasion, the more she could magnify it. We mourn our loss, but anyone who knew my parents or Elizabeth should not feel sorry for themselves. We have been privileged, not punished. And at Doomsday, or perhaps before, some of us can hope– actually, any of us can at least hope— we will be together again.

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