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Obama’s Loathsome Foursome

January 25th, 2010 No comments

From TAS:

Apparently, if you want to cheat on your wife or spurn the mother of your unborn child, cover up and easily settle your institution’s criminal efforts to help Americans avoid paying their federal income taxes, or just avoid paying your own fair share, the place to be is on President Barack Obama’s economic-recovery advisory board. Because that’s where Robert Wolf, chief executive of UBS Group Americas, the U.S. arm of one of Switzerland’s largest banks, UBS AG, sits, as do Charles E. Phillips, President of Oracle Corporation, Peter Orszag, the director of the Office of Management of and Budget, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. One imagines that’s where they can get together to compare notes…

 According to the former White House Counsel aide, who was transferred from that office after the resignation of White House Counsel Gregory Craig, each of the above executives answered "No" to Question 10S of the SF-86 supplement form traditionally filled out by potential nominees for presidential appointments.

The question:

10S. Is there anything in your personal life that could be used by someone to coerce or blackmail you or is there anything in your life that could cause an embarrassment to you or the President if publicly known?

____ Yes ___ No

If so, please provide full details.

The BillBoard the Mistress Put Up

Phillips is Mr. Billboard,whose ex-mistress spent $250,000 exposing him–story here.

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