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A New Technology Weblog

January 16th, 2009 No comments

I’ve set up a new weblog for Indiana University people who have useful things to say about computers, gadgets, and suchlike. I imagine much of it will be about STATA, Latex, and new gadgets my colleagues and I have bought. I’ll put my future technology posts there instead of here, probably, or maybe I’ll cross-post. It’s at:

I wonder, by the way, if we will get spammed. You need a signon and password to make a blog post there, but I’ve posted both of those things at the top of the blog, so no registration is needed. Can a robot figure that out?

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A New Kind of Laptop Mouse

January 11th, 2009 1 comment

What we need is a laptop mouse that can be attached to a laptop. This seems easily achievable. What we need is for it to be cordless and to lock into place in the laptop. The first thing needed is for the laptop to have a built-in infrared (is that what they use?) beamer to remove the need for a cord. That’s easily done. The second thing needed is to have a shape of mouse that can be locked into a laptop easily. Probably the best shape is long and narrow and thin, like a pen but shorter. It should have a wheel in the middle and buttons on each side.

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