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What to Do About Abortion

March 27th, 2009 No comments

Suppose you think abortion is wrong. Suppose, further, you think it is evil. What should you do?

Clearly, you should speak out against it, and act to stop it. If you think an abortion is as bad as killing adults, it is not unreasonable to expect you to blow up abortion clinics. After all, if abortion clinics were gas chambers for Jews, that would be your moral duty.

Most people actually wouldn’t have the guts or be willing to take the trouble to blow up gas chamber clinics, I think. But also I think most people, even those strongly against abortion, don’t think it is as bad as killing adults, whatever they may say. So let’s suppose you just think abortion is evil.

If you think abortion is evil, you shouldn’t keep quiet about it. You should want your church and your political organizations to say it is evil, and to condemn people who do it– the mothers and the clinics both. Abortion is very common, so we can’t say it is a minor evil, either. So it is just cowardly for a church to say it won’t take a public position because that would offend people and keep them from coming to church.

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February 22nd, 2009 2 comments

I put together a list of churches useful for scholars travelling around to conferences or on sabbatical. Those with stars (*) I’ve been to and liked. I’ve heard good things about the others. Those with pound signs (#) are the kind of churches that have special appeal to people with PhDs– that is, they are “head oriented” with high-IQ staff who are used to dealing with educated urbanite unbelievers. All these churches have traditional Christian beliefs. They differ in worship style (drums or not, praise songs or old hymns, etc.) except for all being sermon-and-song centered.

#*CAMBRIDGE, MASS: Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Half Portugese.

*CHICAGO: The Moody Church near Lincoln Park,

#*NEW HAVEN: Trinity Baptist, Pastored till 2008 or so by Josh Moody, expert on Jonathan Edwards, now at Wheaton.

#*NEW YORK: Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan. Pastored by Timothy Keller.

#*OXFORD: St. Ebbe’s Church of England

#*WASHINGTON: Grace Presbyterian (Glenn Hoburg) D.C.

##LONDON: Holy Trinity Brompton, (South Kensington). Origin of the “Alpha Course”. All Souls, Oxford Circus/Regents Park. John Stott used to be its pastor.

#CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND: St. Andrew the Great,

PHILADELPHIA: Tenth Presbyterian, James Boice used to be its pastor. Might be in decline.

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Church Budget

January 27th, 2009 No comments

From the Bloomington HT:

““Sure we’re concerned,” said the Rev. George Purnell, senior minister at First United Methodist Church. …

Purnell said the church’s projected income in 2009, based on congregants’ estimates of their giving that year, will closely parallel the church’s 2008 income — about $1.6 million — but that would be $150,000 short of the church’s expenses in 2009.

I wonder how big the budgets are of other churches in town?

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