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Unexpected Things in Home Schooling, Particularly in Math

September 13th, 2013 No comments

Homeschooling Ben and Lily this year, I’ve been teaching math, programming,and business so far, and helping my wife with the other subjects. One thing that strikes me is how much incidental material I have to teach— and that this might be the most important part of the teaching. We have Word Books where the children write down hard-to-understand or hard-to-spell words that come up, for example. Read more…

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Should Jehovah’s Witness parents have the right to refuse a blood transfusion for their daughter even though the daughter will die as a result?

July 11th, 2013 No comments

An interesting question inspired by a post at Volokh Conspiracy: “Should Jehovah’s Witness parents have the right to refuse a blood transfusion for their daughter even though the daughter will die as a result?” Let us suppose that the child is 5 years old and agrees with her parent (a child who disagrees is a separate case). Let us also suppose that we believe the parents would themselves be willing to die in place of refusing a blood transfusion.

It seems the answer in most or all states is No.

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Where to Eat in Bloomington

March 1st, 2009 No comments

I like English pubs. Here is an HT article on Bloomington saloons that welcome children. I don’t know if they allow dogs or not.

Rago said Nick’s was cognizant of retaining its reputation as a bar,
which is why it confines its under-21 business to daytime and early
evening hours. ...
The Crazy Horse, 214 W. Kirkwood Ave.: Under 21 patrons welcome but
cannot remain after 9 p.m.
Grazie Italian Eatery, 106 W. Sixth St.: Seating in the restaurant
proper is open, and minors can be in the bar lounge, if not the bar
itself, if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
The Irish Lion, 212 W. Kirkwood Ave.: Families can congregate
upstairs. Downstairs, under-21 patrons have to be at least 18, in the
company of parents and must sit either in the loft or well areas of
the room. The Irish Lion also has a “babes in arms” policy. Infants
can be downstairs, provided they’re being held.
Malibu Grill, 106 N. Walnut St.: Families can sit in the restaurant
and, in the separate bar area, patrons at least 18 years old can enter
with a parent or legal guardian, but can’t sit at the bar.
Scotty’s Brewhouse, 302 N. Walnut St.: Families can sit throughout the
main restaurant area, but not in the bar area proper, which is blocked
off by a half-wall.
Trojan Horse, 100 E. Kirkwood Ave.: Under-21 patrons can sit
downstairs and also in four booths upstairs.
The Uptown Cafe, 102 E. Kirkwood Ave.: Families can sit throughout the
restaurant, and 16- to-20-year-olds can also enter the bar area
accompanied by parent or legal guardian, but cannot sit at the bar
Yogi’s Grill & Bar, 519 E. 10th St.: Yogi’s advertises all-ages
service until 10 p.m.

Children’s Books

December 22nd, 2008 No comments

Children’s Books, Lost and Found
by Joseph Bottum is in the December 2008 First Things.

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January 8th, 2008 No comments

Best Betting Cardgame. I made up a cardgame to play with the kids. Each person antes one toy soldier (or coin or chip) onto a piece of paper (to keep things tidy) and is dealt three cards. You then bet in turn, as in poker. You can match previous bets, drop out, or match the previous bets and then raise up to 5 soldiers. If you drop out, you show your cards. When nobody wants to raise anymore, those remaining in the game show their cards and the high card wins. My 5-year-old and 7-year-old both like it, and even the 4-year-old played for a while. I like it because there is some strategy involved regardless of the level of the other players, and this is far easier for kids than poker would be.

I’ve thought of a solitaire version too. The player is dealt three cards, and so is the bank. Each antes two soldiers. The live player then can bet one, two, or three more soldiers or drop out. After his decision, the bank’s cards are revealed and either the bank or the player wins.

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December 27th, 2007 No comments

British Counties. The Association of British Counties
county map of the real boundaries of the counties of England, Scotland, and Wales (not the ones introduced in the past fifty years). I was cheered to learn that as of the mid-1990’s Rutland actually exists as an administrative unit again, after its earlier abolition. I used to toast lost Rutland at TIP events in the 70s.

British Counties

This is good for a game in which the children choose one county at a time for their kingdoms and color them in as they go.

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