Buying Things

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Buying Things

Buying Things, May 10, 2010

This page is for notes on stores and restaurants I like. It is just started now, a mere sketch.

  1. Netflix instant movies.

  2. The Coincraft coin shop across from the British Museum. Roman coins for only one pound each, and
    wonderful browsing in the shop, catalog, and website at

  3. Stomp Rockets . It’s amazing how high a rocket powered merely by jumping-propelled air can go. Even Faith could make it rise a few feet. See

  4. Youth hostels . These are better than hotels for families, as well as cheaper. We stayed at the Eu castle kitchens in Normandy,
    Melrose in Scotland, near the Abbey (the best), and Hawkshead
    in Cumberland.

  5. Britanny’s gites (farmhouses). We rented one near Languenan. In France, having your own kitchen is good. See

  6. Portsmouth. The Victory, other old ships, helicopter simulations, the modern naval base, naval
    museums, an artillery museum (the Royal Armoury), a partly Roman castle, the sea… It’s easy to get to and good for many visits. See

  7. Princeton, New Jersey’s Tomorrow’s Heirlooms jewelry store and toy store.
  8. New Haven’s remainders book store.
  9. That used “estate” jewelry store in San Francisco.
  10. The sausage restaurant in Oxford.


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