Blog Policies

August 13th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

1. If I update on the same day as I post, I won’t bother to note that I changed the page.

2. If I update later, I’m thinking I’ll put UPDATE on the original page, and then repost the entire thing, more nicely integrated with whatever’s new as a new post.

3. I do not necessarily post every day.

4. I think (software is tricky) I have the comments set so the first comment you make needs approval, but later ones do not.

5. I don’t mind if other people read it too, and I welcome intelligent or encouraging comments. Either is OK, or both, but if your comment is both stupid and hostile, do ask yourself: Is there any reason the blogger would want that comment?

6. I’ll probably leave even stupid comments up unless they are insulting or obscene, but they won’t do you credit. If you sign your name, the chances of me leaving up your stupid comment greatly increase. I don’t want to help further degrade your morals by tempting you to be rude, and it’s often the case— usually the case, in fact— that a person’s cowardice will restrain his rudeness.

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