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Don’t Use Bad Language

October 24th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

We should aim to make the world a better place in everything we do. We should add beauty and remove ugliness. We should clean up litter, not throw garbage out the car window. We should purify our mind, not dirty them. We shouldn’t pollute other people’s minds either. Sometimes it is necessary to get dirty to get work done, but not usually, and not deliberately, only as a byproduct. That is particularly true of intellectual work. We may have to think about filthiness and even talk about it, but we do not have to use dirtying language. In particular, we do not need to use dirty language. Obscenity is dirty. It makes the world uglier. It brings us closer to the level of animals.

Why, then, do people use it? To sound tough, and to attract attention. It is a cheap form of masculinity, popular with low-lives who have little truck with women who associate with them voluntarily and with intellectuals who aren’t very masculine but want to sound like they are. Obscenity is also useful for getting attention, like burning the flag, something you do to deliberately bother other people and make them look at you. These are tawdry goals.

If you want to use expressive language, find some expressive language to use. Be a little creative. Be blunt. Or be ornate. But don’t be like the comic teenager who uses dirty words for a cheap laugh.

In particular, it is scandalous that conservatives are now falling prey to this corruption. They want to sound tough, because liberals are wimps. But of course they are showing wimpiness themselves. Just because liberals are feminized does not mean that conservatives have to do and say things that are especially offensive to women. We are supposed to protect women’s purity, not soil it, whether the women are liberal or conservative. We are supposed to guard the good, the true, and the beautiful, not act tough and superior by using language that shows contempt for our audience.

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