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FBI’s Comey, Martha Stewart, and the Richmond African-American Minister

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Comey is such a slimeball. In his “Higher Royalties” interview tonight, he said he charged Martha Stewart for lying because:

“I remembered a case I’d been involved in against an African American minister in Richmond when I was a federal prosecutor there, who had lied to us during an investigation. And I begged this minister, “Please don’t lie to us because if you do, we’re going to have to prosecute you.” He lied. And at the end of the day, we had to prosecute him. And he went to jail for over a year. And as I stood in my office in Manhattan, I’m looking out at the Brooklyn Bridge, I remember this moment. And I’m thinking, “You know, nobody in New York knows that guy’s name except me.

“Why would I treat Martha Stewart differently than that guy?” And the reason would only be because she’s rich and famous and because I’ll be criticized for it.”

Actually, he was criticized because in the Martha Stewart case it turned out no underlying crime had been committed, so it looked like he was just out to get a famous person’s scalp for the “lying to the FBI” charge rather than just end the investigation.

In the Richmond case, the “African American minister” was lying about being part of a scheme to bribe the mayor of Richmond, Leonidas Young, who was the head minister at the church who also went to prison. THere was lots of underlying crime:

“According to the indictment, Young hatched plots for Miller and Jacobs to receive thousands of dollars for phony consultant work for corporations that wanted to do business with the city. Neither man did any work as a consultant, but Miller received $8,000 and Jacobs received $17,500.”

I haven’t read much more, but it looks as if Miller’s job was to cash the $8000 check and give the money to the mayor.





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