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Points of Writing Style in the Internet Age

September 8th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was just downloading a copy of The Merchant of Venice and noticed that it had no line numbers, which would make it harder to cite when I excerpted it for students. But then I realized that most people looking up my cite wouldn’t use the Act-Scene-Line numbers anyway— they’d do a computer search on the file using the first three words of my quote. Thus, really what needs to be in the cite is just the author, work, and hyperlink, and the author speaking—-the character so that the reader can know that about the quotation without having to look it up.

The same idea goes for page numbers of quotes to books that are in the public domain. In fact, those books will be *better* cited than modern ones, since page numbers differ between editions. It is often useful, too, to put the chapter or section name.

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