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Self Defense and Cybercrime

September 10th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was just reading a good post of his upcoming Congressional testimony by Stewart Baker over at Volokh Conspiracy. One thing he talks about is the importance of making it legal for private corporations to fight cybercrime. They’re now hindered by unreasonable privacy laws. As he puts it, it’s like being worried about a theft conviction if you see a thief with your bicycle and take it back.

The privatization idea is very good. Stealing from private companies has bigger monetary payoff even than stealing our submarines’ cruise maps, so the leading-edge bad guys will be there (they will be too expensive for the Chinese or Russian governments). Thus, if private companies can stop them, the US govt. is safe too.

How about setting up private investigative companies in Antigua and Bolivia? If they are exempt from US privacy laws, then US companies could hire them to investigate and perhaps even punish the bad guys via malware. The privacy people woudl object, but they’d have to pass a new statute to stop it

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