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LoPucski: Making Statutes Readable

Professor Bainbridge tells us of Professor Lopucki’s new paper on how to format and annotate statutes to make them more readable, which uses Delaware’s corporate code as an example.

LoPucki, Lynn M., The Readable Delaware General Corporation Law (July 10, 2013). UCLA School of Law Research Paper No. 2013-14. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2292236.\

Here’s an example.


Here’s how I would go further:


I *wish* someone would do this for the Internal Revenue Code, plus with hyperlinks for all the cross-references and definitions. Give me a million dollars and I’ll organize the effort. We should get Professor Tufte (The Visual Display of Quantitative Information) involved.

  1. Lynn M. LoPucki
    July 25th, 2013 at 15:13 | #1

    Lawyers, law professors, and students mark statutes for a variety of reasons. What will work best depends on the purpose. I designed VisiLaw as a system to be applied to mass-published statutes prior to publication. The system does not use color so that users can later apply color for their own purposes.
    Aspen has publised a VisiLaw Marked Edition of it Bankruptcy and Article 9 Statutory Supplement. They are happy to provide law professor with comp copies. http://www.aspenlaw.com/product.asp?catalog_name=LegalEd&product_id=1454827890&source=professor

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