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In 2010 so far, foreigners killed about 3 times as many people in Arizona as they killed US soldiers in Iraq

Update, May 29: More info–still not on murder specifically, and just Phoenix.

Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris said about 10% of his department’s arrests are illegal immigrants — a number close to the estimated percentage of undocumented migrants in the local population — but the Maricopa County sheriff’s office, which runs the jail for Phoenix and surrounding cities, said 20% of its inmates are illegal immigrants. Fifteen percent of state prisoners are illegal immigrants. (LA Times:


Crimes committed by illegal immigrants dropped by 18.5 percent from 2007 to 2008 thanks to law enforcement’s hardline against those in the country unlawfully, said Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas on Sunday.

A study by Thomas’ office shows the amount of illegal immigrants sentenced for felonies in Maricopa County Superior Court dropped from 4,731 in 2007 to 3,855 in 2008.

That’s an 18.5 percent drop, more than double the 8 percent reduction in overall crime, Thomas said.

Put another way, 18.7 percent of the people sentenced for felonies in Maricopa County Superior Court in 2007 were in the county illegally. In 2008, only 14 percent of that group were illegal immigrants. http://blogs.chron.com/immigration/archives/2009/10/post_317.html

Thomas’s office had a website with illegal aliens crime info called Illegalimmigrationjournal.com, but by now, May 2010, there is a new county attorney and he’s obliterated the site. You can still get scattered pages via Google’s cache, e.g. here.

Update: May 27. Here’s another way to look at it. 15% of inmates in Arizona prisons are “criminal aliens” (from http://www.azcorrections.gov/adc/reports/CAG/CAGApr10.pdf). If that’s the right percentage of murder that are illegals, the number of murders by illegals is 13, not 72. My guess is that the truth is somewhere in between (because murders by illegals are caught at a lower rate than those by Americans, but more warrants are issued for them as a result of their not being caught right away), and the number of murders by illegals in Arizona is about equal to the 25 American deaths in Iraq.

Update, 1:12pm. Note that the weakest stat behind this calculation is the 83% estimate for murders by illegal aliens. I give a source, but it doesn’t explain where it got the info. It would be nice if someone would check by going through a month’s murders for Phoenix and seeing how many are suspected to be by illegals. Also, for a warrant to be issued, there has to be a suspect found, and,I suppose, not arrested on the spot by the police.

I estimate that January-April 2010, foreigners killed about 3 times as many people in Arizona as they killed US soldiers in Iraq during that same period. (72 murders as opposed to 25 combat deaths). Sources and calculations:

36 murders in Phoenix: Jan-April 2010.
Monthly Count of Offenses Known to Police Part I and Part II (pdf

83 percent of homicide warrants in Phoenix are issued for illegal aliens.

Thus. an estimated 30 killings by illegal immigrants just in Phoenix so far in 2010. (Of course, some of the victmis are probably ilelgal aliens too.)

In 2008 Phoenix had 167 murders.

In 2008 Arizona had 399 murders.

Multipling 30 by 399/167 we get an estimated 72 murders in Arizona so far in 2010 by illegal aliens.

25 US casualities, Irqa jan-april 2010;
iCasualties – Iraq http://www.icasualties.org/iraq/index.aspx

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