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The Ethics of Copyright and Unjust Laws

January 8th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Two topics I should work on are the ethics of copyright and of unjust laws. The Bible says we should obey the government, which keeps order, and that we should not steal. Some property, however, is created by law. The US government moved certain movies and books out of the public domain into copyright retroactively a few years back. That act, in itself, was theft. Ought we to obey that law? Was it moral for Disney to push for that law? Is it moral to push for its repeal?

Or think about the converse. Suppose the government said that Jews could no longer own property, and any former Jewish property was now in the public domain. Would it be moral for me to go take my Jewish neighbors’ TV set? (well– the TV set that he *used to* own).

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