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ObamaCare’s Special Interest Provisions and Accounting

January 19th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Obamacare bill is full of good examples of log-rolling at its most extreme. The curious thing here is that rather than giving special interests extra spending, it exempts them from spending cuts or taxes. Also, the accounting is more transparently fraudulent than I recall ever seeing. From Fred Barnes:

By using devious accounting, Democrats managed to do the impossible, turn ObamaCare into a bill that reduces the deficit. One trick was to collect taxes and fees for the basic program and the long-term care plan over 10 years, while actually operating the new system over fewer years. ….

The Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback (for Nebraska) would have the taxpayers pay for new Medicaid expenses in those states but not in others…..

In Florida, the deal isn’t as famous. There, seniors in three counties–all packed heavily with the elderly residents–would get to keep their Medicare Advantage (MA) benefits. Elsewhere, seniors now on MA would be out of luck. …

Organized labor got the full sweetheart treatment last week. Its health care plans might face a 40 percent tax on expensive health insurance plans–only they won’t under a special deal worked out with the White House and congressional Democrats.

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    The whole Medicaid situation is depressing.

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