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Four Free Computer Applications

Four programs:

  • Unlocker, at http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/#download is a very good freeware program for deleting locked files (ones in use by some program) or stubbornly undeletable ones.
  • Detexify, at detexify.kirelabs.org, is an online program, Java maybe, that lets you use the mouse to write a math or other latex symbol and then tells you what latex code generates it.
  • Super, at http://www.erightsoft.com/, is freeware, eccentrically presented, that you can download to intelligently merge video files and to convert them from one format to another— for example, from DVD format to the smaller *.mpg that works on a computer.
  • Foxit, at http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/, is freeware with fancier for-pay upgrade, that reads pdf files better than Adobe Acrobat does. It is smaller, and works better with Miktex, and had some other advantage I liked.
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