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Comment Moderation in Blogs

This blog doesn’t get enough comments to notice, but often some of a blog’s comments are as worth reading as the post itself. The problem is that the good comments get lost in the cloud of worthless comments. Thus, a comment moderator is important. He should be ruthless in deleting bad and even mediocre comments. For many blogs, that means 90% of comments will be deleted, and 50% of the commentors will be offended and not comment again. That’s fine. It will increase the quality of the blog immensely. Just note in the Policies section that all comments are moderated and that even on-topic comments that add no value will be deleted.

Most people have mediocre minds. They should read blogs, but not write on them. Well, that sounds too severe. Even a mediocre person can contribute comments of great value– not ideas, but facts. The problem with well-meaning medicrities is that because of their very medicrity they can’t understand what’s worthwhile and what’s not, and don’t appreciate the value of new information.

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