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I see that James Heckman has run into the problem of rascally, incompetent, Third World typesetters. I had endless problems with the 4th edition of Games and Information, and I think I would have spent less energy on it if I’d typeset it myself.

According to Heckman, there are literally hundreds of errors in the
document and the mathematical symbols are, he says, a colossal mess,
even with subscripts on the line following the symbol to which they
pertain. Authors can’t be held responsible for incompetence by
typesetters. Michael Sobel has similar problems with his paper. You
say this is “hard for me to imagine,” but you don’t have to imagine
anything: We will send you the copy-edited paper and the type-set

In short, this is a problem that has occurred in the past when
typesetting has been shipped to 3rd world countries; it is a problem
that occurred at the AJS some years ago, and it is ia problem that
occurred with Blackwell some years ago.

Another email:

I received your letter Wednesday announcing that you would not
honor what Blackwell and Stolzenberg promised me-a fresh look at the
galley proofs for my paper I have an email from Blackwell promising
me this and my lawyer said that my case is strong based on that
email Jennifer will send you the email

The timing was intended to disarm me Your letter contained a mass of
misinformation I did not change my paper in any way that would
affcet Sobel’s comments What did happen was that sobel and i were
given galley proofs with numerous careless errors and we were
promised that we could see the new proofs I assume Stolzenberg has
lied to you as he has to me I insist on withdrawing my paper from
this Journal under these circumstances If this is not done I will
sue Blackwell,Stolzenberg and your organization Withdraw the paper
or I sue

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