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GRE Scores in Various Disciplines

December 22nd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

From Mark Perry:

Physicists are clearly the smartest, at a combined GRE score of 1899, then math at 1877, and then computer science and econ at 1862 and 1855. Chemistry and biology are down quite a ways. Philosophy is in the top league, with 1803. I’m surprised economists are so smart. It actually seems like a waste of talent.

January 3. I just realized an implication of these numbers. Graduate students in pretty much any science are better with words than graduate students in English. Even engineering grad students are– though industrial and civil engineers are slightly worse. My chemistry/German double major roommate AJ would like to hear this. Also: going back to the original source, it seems these are Means, and that source has more info, including the actual number of students in the top 3% of each test score category in each discipline (which matters because some fields have many more students than others).

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