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Soft Conservatives. George
makes good observations on how liberal the conservative movement is nowadays on social issues. It has amazed me how mild was the conservative reaction to Romney and Giuliani. Huckabee is not entirely conservative, but his weakness is mostly in economic policy, and I don’t think low taxes are the essence of conservatism.

It tells you a lot about the state of the establishment conservative
movement that in the end, given a choice between a (basically) red-meat
conservative from the South and a recently pro-abortion moderate from
the North, it chose the latter. The savaging of Mike Huckabee has been
highly revealing, betraying more than just personal distaste.

Amongst not all but many of his critics, there is at work a basic
contempt for natural law conservatism, which came out most vividly in
the sputtering over Huckabee’s references to amending the Constitution
in accordance with “God’s standards.”

As the good Enlightenment liberals they have become, some modern
American conservatives are naturally horrified by such a statement: How
dare that hick suggest touching a venerable man-made document (never
mind that the founders, being deeper and more thoughtful about these
matters, put an amendment power in their Constitution for the people to
govern themselves according to God’s standards).

Huckabee, for all of his glibness, is striking much closer to the
bedrock of philosophical conservatism than his critics. If conservatism
is not about conserving principles that originate in reality — a
reality that comes from God and is made known to man through his reason
— then what good is it?

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